AMISH FARMING EQUIPMENT//Amish Farming Equipment : Boxing Equipment London.

Amish Farming Equipment : Boxing Equipment London.

Amish Farming Equipment

amish farming equipment

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  • The various Amish (, ) or Amish Mennonite church fellowships are Christian religious denominations that form a very traditional subgrouping of Mennonite churches. The Amish are known for simple living, plain dress, and reluctance to adopt modern convenience.

Cultural Melting Pot on Dillenback Road

Cultural Melting Pot on Dillenback Road

@ Town of Palatine, New York.

There are a number of Amish families living on Dillenback Road, particularly further down the road than in this photo. Palatine Bridge is not all Amish, though. So, we have the contrast of Amish and modern cultures as seen in this photo -- buggies versus cars and horse-drawn plows versus John Deere farm equipment.

Amish Farm at Sunset

Amish Farm at Sunset

I was out scouting Amish farms for a place to buy eggs, when I came upon this pretty little rural scene in the evening sun. The Amish use Belgian horses to power their equipment and there was a little Belgian pony standing there looking so cute. Oh, and I found eggs for 40 cents a dozen!

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amish farming equipment

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